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About Us

The owner of Barking Bubbles, Jeanette Canton, drew inspiration for the doggie spa from the love, bonding and tranquility she has shared with her furry babies throughout her life. Only the best natural and/or organic products are used. To complete the spa experience, spa calming music and aromatherapy is dispersed throughout the spa to help calm and relax your furry baby. She employs only pet friendly natural homeopathic oils to relieve the stress and anxiety they feel from grooming visits. 

Growing up as a young girl, Jeanette, always felt at peace when she would play, groom and just simply lay with her babies. As a teenager, she realized the important role that dogs play in peoples lives, they become our family members, they help us heal when we’re sick or mend our broken hearts when we are lonely. As the years passed and her own family grew, she suffered through quite a few illnesses and multiple surgeries. With the support of her family and love from her furry babies, she was able to channel her anxiety into a healthier outlook. She was so grateful for the role her “babies” played in her recovery that she decided to get herself back to school and get certified in dog grooming as a way of repaying furry babies for the undying love they share with us. The first job she held right after certification was at a veterinary hospital.

She learned how to handle elderly and medically restricted dogs. She is grateful for the time spent employed there because it taught her the medical side of dogs and their grooming and how to deal with stressed and anxious babies. She has brought all her lifelong knowledge, skills and her love for all furry friends together into an elegant and beautiful location. You will know immediately once you set foot in the door that your baby will be well taken care of and most importantly handled with love and care.